Computer Talk is a Southern California based firm founded in 1986 whose primary goal is to provide its customers with IT consulting services in the area of Public Safety and Security Systems. With a history of large contracts with local government agencies the firm has grown to be recognized as a firm with a vast experience in this field.

By sub-contracting for other local larger firms in the areas of EDP Auditing, Wireless Communications and Video Surveillance Computer Talk has extended its horizons into other areas of expertise continuously providing with high quality services at reasonable rates.

It is our commitment to continue to provide this services to new clients and our prime contractors in the future, therefore the commitment is to continue to secure the best personnel possible and maintain training programs to all levels of our structure. Furthermore, the commitment is to provide our technicians and consultants with the best tools available to provide with the best services possible. We are not here for the fanfare, or the fireworks, we are here to satisfy the needs of our customers and nothing else.

Octavio R. Navarro
Computer Talk